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Book Introduction

Game Ranger, Special Force Soldier, Professional Hunter and Personal Security Officer – Shadows in an African Twilight is a collection of fascinating stories about a life of adventure spread across nearly four decades in Africa and culminating in Iraq.

Many of the stories are not for the squeamish and tell of the aberrant behaviour of maneating lions and killer crocodiles, stories of courageous Rhodesian game rangers who while fighting to preserve the wildlife of a beautiful country were also fighting against brutal terrorist forces.
The author also relates some of his experiences as a pseudo counter-terrorist operator in the elite Selous Scouts during the Rhodesian Bush War and covers many of his experiences as a professional hunter in the exciting world of African safari.
Having also served in the previous South African era ‘black homeland’ of Ciskei he offers an often humorous insight into life during the wayward period.
This exciting book of high adventure ends with a discerning look into what it is like to work in war-torn Iraq in the specialised field of Security Escort Teams.

ISBN 978-0-620-39727-8

" When the vessel upended, the hippo burst onto the surface and as I toppled backwards into the river, my last glimpse was of Tjoi falling onto the hippo's exposed head, I then disappeared beneath the surface."
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